Guardian Love

Well I like my Necromancer, but I started a Charr Guardian last night. Man I really like that class, especially when I rocked a level 5 at level 2. My Necromancer may have a little competition.

Though I’m not digging the Charr, I don’t know what it is really I don’t like,  maybe the running around on all fours thing is throwing me off.  I might remake him into a Human, or Norn….I hate the little guys..too cute. Slyvari got this Tree thing going on which I don’t like either.

Don’t get me wrong my dealer of death Necromancer is hot, and he kills things fast, it’s just well I have alot of tank love, played one in pretty much every game, except DAOC my first game.  I am on the fence though with this Guardian, I’ll dwelve a little further into it tonight, and see where it takes me.


One Response to “Guardian Love”

  1. scarybooster Says:

    Yeah I dislike all races except Human and Norn too.

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