I’m Not Jaded, I’m Just Broke

Latest Post by Scary mentioned Collector’s Editions, and being burnt by them. Before CE’s though for me were those stupid game guides, from Prima, or Bradley Games I think. Yep I would spend oh 15 to 25 dollars on those stupid guides even though after a month ususual it’s out of date. I bought it for games not even MMO’s, then I bought it for WoW, BC, and even WotLK. I was sick and tired of those guides by then…

Then I moved to the big ticket items, it started with the Warhammer CE, the I moved to STO CE…I vowed I would never be suckered again…Then I got the Diablo 3 CE….I vowed I will never get suckered again….and then I got the SWTOR CE.

After which I will never get suckered again….but we all know the truth……I’ll get suckered.

Bottom line is yes I don’t play these games anymore, but I don’t feel I was truly a loss. I played these games for well over 15 hours a week, and with today a 2 hour movie costs around 10 bucks in my area of Illinois. I really can’t complain over my entertainment to dollar ration.

I still hope, and pray another MMO will come out that catches my eye, and makes me feel the warm gushies that DAOC did, but until then I got GW2, and WoW….and those are fun as hell.


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