Does This Mean I Like Men?

A Long…Long Time Ago there was a blogger named Jong, he was in my mind one of the best Ret Pallies out there, and before his time. He was also one of my favorite bloggers of all time. He was a little big of a dandy though, and thought he had a man crush on me. I don’t mind I can’t turn off my charm. It’s a blessing, and a curse.

So as you know I am an Arcane Mage, but I also toy with a Pally, he was PvP Healing, and Crappy Prot for farming. I decided to try to Ret Pally, because we have some awesome tanks/healers already, so I respecced, and grabbed some gear which was bad. I headed into some heroics with my guildies. I had some real fun. I haven’t played a DPS melee class in a long..long time. It never seemed like I was ever short of holy power, and I hear I should of grabbed sacred shield, but I chose Eternal Flame, and it saved my butt a couple times so I dunno.  

The sad thing is all I got was more PvE healing, or tanking gear. LOL!

So like Jong, I’m now a blood elf pretty boy Ret Pally…..Does this mean I like guys now?


2 Responses to “Does This Mean I Like Men?”

  1. Absolutely, you girl.

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