Weeping Tears of Blood

Let me explain. I love Arcane. Loved since the days of the POM/AP/Trinket days….yes I was a 3 minute mage. So I got on my Arcane Mage last night, and hit the Dummies to do some testing, and I hit a heroic, and some PvP. Some things I noticed.

1. My Hit – It was all messed up, I had to reforge again to get back where I was.

2. Mana Management – Is shitty, I go through it like a hooker through sailors. Good thing is when I eat food, my mana only takes a few seconds to get back to full.

3. DPS – Is way down, I have to maybe figure out if there’s a new rotation, or if I have to reforge into something, at this time i don’t know but I went from doing 17-18k DPS to 12k.

4. Illusion – When I hit it, I get a lovely set of bewbs, and a nice ass.

When a guildie suggested to go Fire, there weren’t enough cuss words in the english language to hurl over Teamspeak to voice my displeasure. Blizzard for the love of God fix Arcane Mages.

7 Responses to “Weeping Tears of Blood”

  1. scarybooster Says:

    When I played WoW all Mages sucked. Warlocks are better.

  2. I read that Arcane will not really be viable until lvl90 because there is no way to keep your mana up until then… once you get the mana rune thing it works out… I went back to Frost which I loves!

  3. Our guild Arcane mage was kicking ass in the raid we did on Wednesday. She even admitted she had no idea what she was doing.

    You might need to check your stats (hit is 15% instead of 17%) and reforge correctly. I am not 100% on your rotation (I only ever played a fire mage, and then badly) but maybe someone like Arioch would be able to help you. She is a pretty awesome arcane mage and would know what you would need to do.

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