The Power Of Death Itself

So I’m playing my Necromancer now  in GW2, due to the fact my guild needs a good necromancer.  It’s a very interesting profession. Alot of different in’s and out’s. I think it’s one of those professions that will be hard to master…but worth it. Right now I’m working on my Staff skills, and pretty awesome the beginner spell Necrotic Grasp, shoots a disembodied hand towards the enemy..pretty damn cool. I have alot to learn, but thanks to Jazz at Girl vs. MMO, and Scary I got some idea on wear to head with my Necro. Heck Jazz doesn’t even use pets…which is shocking.

In the course of my journeys I found some cool sites I want to share.


Guild Wars 2 Hub


Do you have any awesome Necromancer tips/builds/sites/blogs, please feel free to let me know, or comment here about them.

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