In Russia, Bosses Raid You

Stubborn has a post up about Collectivism vs Indvidualism , and the Blogosphere is abuzz with posts about it, but Kleps post seemed to me like the one that echoed my own thoughts. There’s not much I can’t add to it…but I felt like I needed to add my 1.4 cents….cause with inflation thats all my 2 cents is worth.  

The Games we play are always in flux, and is one system better then the other depends on the individual, but here’s the thing in order for collectivism really needs to work, is that 3 things need to be in alignment.

3 things collectivism needs to work.

1. Game – The game needs to be conducive to this. Old Vanilla, and BC WoW was more conducive to this, as Klep pointed out. Though it’s no longer the case, it still gravitates towards it, but with LFR…it really doesn’t anymore.

2. Leadership – You need strong leadership, that wants me to be a part of something bigger. I am part of a guild who for a long time played together, and our motto is “Guild-Realm-Self”. These ideals are lead by example of the selfless leaders we had in the guild, thus the rank and file followed suit.

3. Players Mentality – Meaning you have to have patience, and be trusting of your other player, also you need a little bit of a thick skin.

If these things aren’t in place, then things devolve into “Every person for themselves” type situations, and that kind of attitude is infectious. When you don’t give a crap about your fellow player, why should they give a crap about you?

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