City of Steam – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

When Gabriel a developer  from Mechanist games approached me, and told me Adam from Noisy Rogue suggested that he contact me, I was honored…the Gabriel said he was working on a free to play web browser game….I started to think did I leave a crappy comment on his blog, and is he getting me back. Well Gabriel was more than nice, and I thought what the heck…couldn’t hurt right. So I let Gabriel show me around a bit.  City of Steam isn’t really a steam punk game, but has alot of those elements in it. It’s a mixture of Steampunk, and fantasy. Now mind you this game is in Alpha, so alot of things can change, and might, but let’s just jump in and I’ll give you my thoughts on the game.

The Good….

Performance – When I first loaded up the game, I was blown away. They use the Unity Engine, and the graphics we’re pretty damn good. I also noticed that the load times we’re practically non-existent, and even at my lowest FPS about 12, though I ranged from 15-18 in busy places to shooting to a high of 60 fps in my own instances.

Graphics – I mentioned I was blown away, and I was with the amount of detail they put into this game, I would have never thought it was an Alpha. Some beautiful sights and sounds in this game.  For this game being alpha it had ALOT of polish, I was in-game standing on a dock looking at the city, and the sea and just saw the amount of detail, and the beauty they put in this game, and was literally blown away.

Music – I’m not a music nerd, but the music was upbeat when it needed to be in combat, and had a really cool feel to it when I was just roaming around.

Character Selection – I’ll be following up with more on this probably in another post, but in Alpha there was ALOT of choices to be made…alot of races, 4 professions so far, 3 skill trees per profession, just alot to think about on how you want to shape your toon. I will say this they have an elven race called Riven…I approve…Just Saying.

Weapons – There are some typical stuff, but they looked cool. Shields we’re nice looking. I made an Arcanist and her weapons was a staff that looked like a tuning fork .

Different Strokes – For different folks, they have Quests, there’s a bit of story here, and I did a couple it was pretty cool, and had these dialogue boxes alot like SWTOR, They have PvP which even in a duel you get your own little arena instance, or you can just go right to killing which I did too. So they have not a little but alot for all different types of players.

Gameplay – unfortunately I didn’t have the time to devout to this game that I wanted to, but I did put in a couple of hours and what I did play, I had fun. It was quick, fun, and very cool for a more casual player like myself, but with some depth to it that would appeal to the hardcore player as well.

Click to Move– You can move through WASD, or click to move..I’m not a huge fan of click to move, you can disable it in the setting. Woot.

The Bad –

Safari Browser- I’m a jerk, and like to run things through their paces, had some problems with the Safari Browser, Worked great in Chrome though, I didn’t test it in any other yet.

Tutorial – I made a couple toons, and I had to go through the tutorial several times, though it’s well crafted, and pretty cool. I wish i could disable it somehow. If you had altitis, you might get sick of it, but in its defense it’s pretty quick 5-10 minutes tops.

Disable Helm – Though I love the detail of weapons, and armor (if you mod them, the mods show) one helm I got, even though it did look cool, looked like a deep-sea diving helm, and I wish I could have disabled the graphic, and just see the face.

Camera Issues – I really had some camera issues moving it, and so forth wish there was a key that moves the camera to right back to a position behind your toon.

The Ugly –

I want more time with this game, that’s all I got for you…that’s the only ugly thing I have.  This game is pretty solid for a web browser F2P game that was in fricking ALPHA. In the couple of hours I played, no serious issues, heck I don’t think I had anything in the way of bugs, I’m sure they are there, but heck I had issues first day of World of Warcraft. I was impressed, and ask my readers that does not happen often. The amount of work they did, and the love they have for this game was very evident when Gabriel showed me around, there was some innovative stuff there. Instead of portals, they had a sign, you point and click and you run to your objective.  This game is having me rethink my stance on Free 2 Play games, as well as browser games. As always don’t believe me check out their site, check out what others say…

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