My Intentions

Well I’m having such a good time with my old guildies in WoW. Alas the time is drawing near with Guild Wars 2, which I plan on playing with the rest of my guild who is planning on playing this.

Basically in WoW, I’m going to prepare my toons for MoP, get some better gear for leveling. Also get my baby warlock a little more levels.

I’ve been putting alot of thought into what toons I want to play in Guild Wars 2.  I just can’t seem to make up my mind which toon I want to start with.

I like the Human Elementalist, or Necromancer, but then again a Norn Warrior would be awesome. Hello a Viking.  I played one Beta weekend so i got some flavor. I think it really depends where the guild is going, and what they need. I could play any toon really as long as I’m needed by the team.



One Response to “My Intentions”

  1. That’s the joy of gw2 you don’t ‘need’ specifics, the removal of the trinity creates a free for all. Roll what you prefer play wise 🙂

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