Bitch, Stole My Fish

So Blizzard got hacked, well it was bound to happen, right. It sounds almost like an inside job if you read it, but I’m no good at corporate double talk.  It sounds like it wasn’t a whole heck of a lot they stole either, but as a precaution I will change my password.

WoW Insider had posted it to, and I agree with the comment from Maxwyfe.

I pray for the day someone steals my identify. It can only improve my credit score.

Really though this is the biggest snafu in Blizzards history, so I can’t really complain. They didn’t steal as much as they did when Sony got hit. If they do take my stuff, their in for an awful surprise. Here’s a tip for you though, either use a low limit credit card for online use, or a prepaid credit card. Can’t steal what’s not there. If they do want to steal my identity, just let me know what porn sites you signed up for, so I can use them too.

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