Looking to Mount Something

I’ve had a little obsession ever since my guildie told me, that you get an albino drake at 50 mounts. I thought it was some goofy dragonhawk. I loathe dragonhawks.

So since then I’ve been working on my city reps, to get the mounts. I was grinding out heroic outland dungeons. Couple things emerged from this little side project.

Transmogrification – or xmoging. I started to kind of get into it, ever since that feltooth evisicerator dropped. I’m hooked. I can’t wait to dress my pretty blood elf girl….ok this is kind of threatening my heteroness, but then I take one look at the picture in this post, and it snaps me right back to the disgusting hetero male pig I am. Oink…Oink.

Achievement Whore – I hate achievements for the most part, I don’t see the point of doing them unless there’s something in it for me….oh…say a mount. I noticed though I was halfway through Outland Dungeon Master, thought I might as well finish it up. So I’m almost done with that.It’s pretty cool to visit old content, and  remember how I hated stuff, oh like the Shadow Labrynth. I breezed through…but I still hate it. Only redeeming quality is could spellsteal the buff that turns you into a 2 headed dog. That’s fun.

So I got my Albino Drake last night, and flew it around Orgrimmar in triumph. Now it’s time to get back hunting Time Lost  Proto Drake. He will be mine…Oh yes he will be mine.

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