Not a SWTOR Free 2 Play Post

I’m going to be like the only blogger not talking about this. I’m angry at this game so much, that it almost makes me less angry at STO….a little less. Two epic IP’s, Two epically shitty games, and Two Collectors Editions I got suckered into buying.

That being said, I went with my guild and did the unthinkable for me, PvE. I haven’t really PvE’d in quite a bit of time. We did heroic Well of Eternity, and a few more of those new Heroics. So they dragged me through with my PvP gear, and my dps was only 20k on recount, but part of that was I wasn’t familar with the fights.  I have to say that my friend Bit is one of thee best at explaining fights, if not thee best. Short to the point, but explaining the fundamentals. It what makes an effective leader I guess. I couldn’t explain shit, from shineola.  It was good to see new content, and hang with my guildies, since really I’ve been roaming around Azeroth alone for quite some time, basically ever since Cataclysm, I mean I was in a guild, but rarely participated cause I was more casual.  Once instance I was a dirty night elf, seriously my guy looked like a tall creep. Out of filthing myself with PvE, I walked away with 4 pieces, Robe, Cowl, Gloves, and off hand.  Not so bad, guess I’m building my PvE set now. *shivers*

I’m reading stuff about people Beta testing MoP, and it seems like you either hate it, or you love it. Which kind of sucks cause I really don’t know what to think of it. New content, New Talent Builds, New Race, and New Class…then we got the Pet battle stuff. /facepalm





4 Responses to “Not a SWTOR Free 2 Play Post”

  1. scarybooster Says:

    Yaaaaaa WAR sucked too 2 CEs 2 sucked. I’m never buying a CE for a game again. I’m cursed.

    • theerivs Says:

      Yeah I bought the CE of Warhammer too, but I did get a whole helluva alot more enjoyment out of WAR then those other two games. So I consider myself 1/4, Yeah I bought the Diablo 3 CE too.

      • scarybooster Says:

        I bought 1 WoW CE. It’s the only CE I thought it was worth it. GW2 I bought standard and same for TSW. I hope I get more use out of them

  2. I haven’t said a word about SWTOR F2P either, FWIW.

    As for CEs… I got burned after Dragon Age. Man that was a weak CE, and the map smelled of old socks.

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