Sometimes it’s the People that make a good MMO

The reason I’m back at playing World of Warcraft is the people who are still playing the game. Those people no matter what is wrong with the game, still make it fun.

Last night a dirty warlock friend of mine Koala invited me to an old school Nax Run with her guild Shadow Rising. Well I did part of Nax on my mage, and I really wanted to finish that up on my mage. They we’re cool with it. So I brought the Arcane goodness, even though all my good gear is PvP stuff, they didn’t mind at all.  What a great guild they are, friendly, casual, and knowledgable. I didn’t get all their names,  I just remember the hunter Adoe, cause he was a giant most of the time, and a goblin named Pumpkinpie. How can I forget pie. I saw a goblin warrior, and I thought he looked wierd, and awesome at the same time in his little armor think he was Painsaw. I also remember my fellow mage always looked like she was casting. There was another lock there, but for some reason I can’t remember the name. If I forgot the others I apologize, I drink alot.  I was quiet for most of the beginning of the raid, but once I got a little more comfortable I cracked a few jokes. I’m still waiting for my mail order bride. *wink*   I apologize for the Stonard portal, old habits die-hard. If my guild wasn’t such a great group of people too, I’d be tempted to pay 30 bucks to transfer there I liked them so much. Any time they need an awesome mage, or shitty healing I’m their guy.

Afterwards I headed into Black Temple with my guild. I tanked with my shitty geared pally. Of course the jokes, and insults fly. When I first get there, “Make me food woman”, I shout. Our mage tells me to “F*$k off”  but I get my food. I never was in Black Temple, and I have to say I was in awe, the place was big. The Illidan fight was awesome simply for the fact I get to say, “You are not prepared”   I died because of some mechanic of Illidan with the fire elementals, but my guild really didn’t need a tank they mopped the floor with Illidan. Had a great time, joking and having fun with my guild.

Great night got some xmog gear for my toons, though honestly I’m not huge into xmogging, especially for my forsaken mage, rarely anything looks that awesome on him.

A word about another MMO. Warhammer Online or WAR,  I wondered on Twitter why this MMO hasn’t gone F2P when SWTOR is. Someone said because it was a better MMO. I think he is right, but what I do know WAR had a great community, alot of great blogger came out of that MMO which are still writing today. Alot more solidarity in the factions, as well as people willing to help. How many times I had to drag people through bilerot for a chance at my tier shoulders, that I still don’t have. I don’t know about it being a better MMO, all I know it had better people in it, and that made it a better MMO.

3 Responses to “Sometimes it’s the People that make a good MMO”

  1. Dude, anytime you want to come roll with us you are welcome to!

    It was funny. I was all “Hey guys River is going to come with us” and immediately I get “oh cool!” from the bloggers who know you, and trust me, we had a LOT of bloggers there last night: Myself, Repgrind, Arvash, Pie, Slice and Angerfork. Another blogger came in once you left so it was like we never went down one!

    I’m glad you had fun and I am looking forward to hanging out with you more!

  2. And I thought you were going to say those were gamer chicks playing WoW that you KNEW!! You used car salesman YOU! Bait and Switch IMHO

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