Revenge of the Ninja

So AV weekend is over with, and I did pretty well for myself. I have to tell you my favorite move though.

Ok rarely the Horde backcaps, don’t ask. Lately I’m disgusted with the Hordes prowess in PvP, but that’s another post.  When I’m one lone beastie in AV, and not with my guildies. Here’s what I do, first off I go to TowerPoint, and try to delay them a bit from taking the tower, sometimes seconds are crucial and any time I can buy my Horde brethren time, that’s a good thing.

Then after they kill me, I wait a little bit then head to either Iceblood, or Tower Point. I usually try to hit Iceblood first, When I’m climbing the tower midway I hit the Invisibility. Then I go into back of the flag room on top of the tower, and ninja the flag. I mean I’m sitting there right behind them flipping the tower back. I’m almost pissing myself laughing. Now it doesn’t work all the time of course, but it’s worked enough times where I’m just amazed at it. After I flip it back, I run out laughing, they have to be pissed. Oh and everytime I did that, we won.  i got to hand it to the horde, we usually have a hunter trapping the hell out of our bunkers.

This has me wondering though what the hell are those lazy rogues doing?

One Response to “Revenge of the Ninja”

  1. very interesting. nice pic

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