Show the Pot Some Love

The MMO Melting Pot is a couple things which I support, getting us MMO bloggers some more respect, and building more of a community. They are an awesome topic aggregator site that has shown it’s share of love to High Latency Life.  I’m all about sharing the love.

MMO Melting Pot gave me this little paragraph as an example of maybe what to write…

“By the way – if you’re not already reading the MMO Melting Pot, you should give it a look. They showcase the best blog articles on MMORPGs from WOW to EVE, from hundreds of blogs you might not have heard of. If you want to hear interesting new ideas, discover fun new blogs to read or find out what everyone thinks of the hot new issues – check them out. They update daily. This week they’ve covered WoW’s raiding problems and the question of whether attunements should come back, plus the question of whether Guild Wars 2 will be any good, amongst other things!”

It’s nice, and stuffy kind of paragraph, that would fit right in on say a church bulletin. Here at HLL we are not as formal, and I will just give you the HLL version.

Go to MMO Melting Pot to find out some awesome information, or I will come to your house, and beat you with my shoe.

Short to the point, and I love beating douchebags with my size 15 try me. Come at me brah!



One Response to “Show the Pot Some Love”

  1. Thanks! I am pleased to have the Pot’s popularity enforced by your size 15s…

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