Alterac Valley Ho

I meant ho in the more urban sense, not like ho as in ‘let’s go’, I mean ho, like the shortened version of whore. AV Weekend is where I make ALOT of honor. I will live, breathe, sleep AV during this weekend. Last AV weekend I got 8 honor pieces, and I wasn’t trying that hard. This weekend I have an agenda, so much so I feel a little sick, I may not be into work tomorrow.  I need to gear my mage up, as well as get some prot honor gear to help my pally, this is all to prepare my toons for the assualt on MoP when it comes out.

As mentions in my previous post I have other side projects, but those are all on hold this weekend. AV is my personal favorite BG, it seems more epic. It’s a battle, sometimes a race, sometimes a turtle. When I win AV, it means something more to me for some reason, maybe because I came from a time when AV use to take hours, not minutes.

my panties still drop  when someone screams over chat, “ICELORD!”

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