Happy Birthday To Me.

Mists of Pandaria comes out Sept. 25, 2012. The day before my birthday. I think I’ll be taking a day off or three. Not because of MoP…because I take my birthday off every year. Now if it just so happens I play some video games during my time off, that’s just coincidence.

6 things I want to accomplish before MoP hits.  

1. I want a proto drake for my Paladin, so I run Heroic UP alot.

2. I want the Albino Drake for the 50 mount Achievement, so I’ve been building city rep by doing heroic BC dungeons

3. Get Honor Gear for my mage, so I have something to level in. Cause purples make great leveling gear until you get the new greens.

4. Work on my Whorelock a bit, but this is not a huge concern.

5. Make an ASSTON of gold.

6. Figure out the new Talent Stuff, and get some builds in my head going.

Now of course I’ll have to do this post haste cause well GW2 is coming out, and I’ll be playing that too.

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday To Me.”

  1. 2012, might want to edit your post 🙂

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