Enter the Whorelock

So I decided to start a new Warlock, a cute female blood elf, with a heart as cold as ice, and diseased as the spells she casts. We’ll call her Whorelock. Why, cause I myself am a whore, and I love playing one on TV.  Little Whorelock is decked out in the latest herlooms, got the robe, the shoulders, and the staff. That’s pretty much all she has, not even a pair of panties. Why bother until she gets further up in levels to even get her anything else. When she hits certain levels, I’ll have my tailor deck her out, and Louie her down. She’s level 11 now, and I went demonology, I don’t know if Affliction is the flavor du jour for leveling, I just love that Felguard. I’m not gay, but he’s one big hunk of meat that one, and that axe of his it’s so big.

Errr where was I, well she’s cleaning house, and not taking names so I’m really enjoying her right now…it’s just that Black Eyed Peas song keeps playing in my head about My Humps…I don’t know what it means…but it’s provoctive.

Want to thank Amijade  for the love, I’ll return it later in the week. 😉

Other news went to my local BP Gas Station, and I was struck dumb when when I was paying for gas, I saw these World of Warcraft cups. I asked the clerk stupidly, “What are those?”  He looks at me wierd, “Those are cups”  I was so stunned I only bought one, there are four in the series. After I left and came to my senses I was like what the…?  I went back the next day bought all of them in the series for only 2 bucks, they have art from each of the expansions to date, and they are made with a high quality plastic.  Here’s a pic…



8 Responses to “Enter the Whorelock”

  1. Right now any of the specs are good for leveling. Although I hear it gets better in MoP.

  2. what gas station did you get those cups at? I would like a set of those.

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