Aww thought I had a stalker

So a post comes up on my Guild Forums. “Rivs owes me 10000000g”  Here’s what my guildie said.

So I’m fishing at 2:20am (server time) in the Black Market of the sewers of Dalaran… nope can’t sleep and that RAT is pissing me off………anyway a mage comes up to me and asks “what can you catch here?”
tell her that stupid rat…then I get asked if I am the author of “high latency life” WTF Riv?! I just want to fish; not be nice to your groupies…But since I love ya, I said you were busy with RL stuff and might not be on for a while. The things I do for you……./sigh where is my lure & lucky fishing hat…back to the grind………….stupid rat I catch that thing I’m naming it Riv (I I only could).

Images of a hot girl fan wanting to get to know me more, hang out with me, share in my wisdom, and send me dirty pics.

But then I really thought about it,  I don’t think many people really know I’m on Thrall-US server. I only discussed it with one person, a warrior-blogger named Thunderspank (added his site to my blogroll too). It’s most likely him on a mage alt. Well just found out it was him. Not that I’m disappointed, I like meeting new people….but I like meeting new people with bewbies better.  

C’est la vie, I hope to see him in game. If anyone is looking for me, I’m on Thrall-US, my pally is Rivz, and I am in a guild called Phoenix Ascension. I’ll probably bring my mage over soon, he’ll have a Riv in his name somewhere. Also as always if you are a cute stalker girl, pics are always welcome. LOL!






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