The Secret World Thoughts

Ok I got a little bit of a trial, not much in my opinion but I tried to do a little bit of everything

What I didn’t like –

Graphics – Glitchy, and seemed a little unpolished to me, even the cutscenes we’re a little janky which is one of my biggest pet peeve, you don’t have to have great graphics, but make sure they work.

UI – It seemed a little unpolished to me as well, like it was programmed by a college kid.

Combat – Some things I did like, but it seemed to range friendly to me, I would like to get in there and mess things up with my swords, but then all the mobs jumped on me.

The plot – It seemed all to little matrix to me, and sick of that beginning subway scene already, all 3 factions you had to do it. So much for Alts.

What I did like –

Guns – Seemed cool and different.

Plot – I liked the Templar plot the most, but the Dragon one even though a little confusing, when I made a chick toon, there was a pseudo lesbian scene there….so I didn’t mind all that much.

Skills – It was pretty cool the way you increased skills and such.


Overall – Not a BAD game, just one I know I wouldn’t stand for too long, and would jump ship as soon as GW2 came down the pike. I’m skipping this one and saving my money.

3 Responses to “The Secret World Thoughts”

  1. Pitrelli Says:

    Aaah have been waiting to see your thoughts on TSW.

    You are just confirming my thoughts from watching some gameplay vids, I’ll probably give it a whirl when it goes f2p in 6 months or so 🙂

  2. Well, I’m glad you got in, wish we’d made contact. The subway scene is skippable. I have some wicked AoE abilities with the melee weapons I use. The factions have mostly tonal/flavor differences, but I just went through three faction quests that took place in the same locale but were very different facets of the overall narrative. Alts are certainly not a necessity, though. The skills system is a major factor in my enjoyment, and I’ve never been a big theorycrafter. I understand your concerns about the graphics and UI, though I’ve gotten what I consider to be some awesome screencaps. I guess we’ll see you in GW2.

  3. Yep, to echo Rowan’s comment above, if you turn around when the subway scene loads there is a stairway with a gate you can click to skip that section.

    I play a Blades/Chaos setup and am enjoying being down in the mix of things, which is quite a change from my previous life as a hunter.

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