I’m Blue Da Bi Da

“I live with my girlfriend, and she’s blue too”

Oh I’m sorry I got that song stuck in my head.  As you know I’m on the hunt for a protodrake, and been hunting the time lost, and working on my oracle rep to buy eggs. Then I was surfing the WoW forums, as I sometimes do when I’m bored. I came across something about the blue protodrake. It drops off of Skaldi in Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle.


So I started running UP, finishing up my oracle rep, and once in awhile looking for the Time Lost, by all that is unholy I will get a protodrake. Though I heard rumors in Mists, that once you get a mount, all your toons will be able to get it, so all this effort may be for naught. Oh well.

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