Ok I might be a little bored in WoW, besides hunting my Time Lost Proto Drake,  So I’ve been looking at Achievements. I only need the Old Kingdom for my Northrend Dungeonmaster achievement, I’ll just do it on Heroic so I can get the heroic version done at some point as well.

I went in there expecting the usual Northrend Heroic Cake walk. All of a sudden I look up, my health is almost gone. I DIED, ME A PALLY, WHAT THE FILTH FLARN FILTH….So I was like what was killing me, and hitting me like crazy….look at the combat log…blah blah blah…SMACK… These stupid spider casters are hitting me for 75k per shadow bolt. What the hell 75k really, these spiders on some sort of steroids.

Well needless to say, I went back in and changed my tactics. Damn Spider Casters, Die first, and they die fast, and no more taking on an army of them. After I got past those little bug bastards it was easy-going. I never done the “extra” boss at the other end of the dungeon, everyone else just hopped off the side, and killed the last boss. So it was nice to see the encounter.

So I got it done, and now I’m looking to do my other Dungeonmaster Achievements, why? I dunno something to do I guess. What I really wish to do is the ICC 10 man. to get a skeleton dragon, a dream mount of mine. If you could purchase it I would in a second!

4 Responses to “Dungeonmaster”

  1. You could get a group of people to do a Real ID run to get the ICC drakes. The cheeves aren’t too bad to do at 85 with a group.

  2. Those things do 80% of your health in damage, as I recall. The casts are supposed to be interrupted.

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