Beef Stew Post

Why Beef Stew, well this is going to be a little bit of everything type post, some meat, some potatoes, and some veggies.

Meat – Well the Warlocks took a shot back at my post, I find it funny, me and Ful have a hate/love thing going on, we hate each others classes, but we love making fun of them, plus we both are bored to death with attunements.

Potatoes – Well I was bored last night, and I heard of this porn convention coming to Chicago. I decided to go to their website see what it’s about. I have this weird fascination with porn stars, not the I like to wank it to them type, ok maybe I do….but I really like hearing their stories, how they got into porn, what they think about their lives, just what makes them tick.  I remember when me and my buddies would go to strip joints, while they were getting lap dances, I would actually talk to the strippers. Anywho I some how scored a press pass to this convention, so that’s something to do.  I know this doesn’t fit into gaming, but I always envisioned High Latency Life to be more then just about gaming, sort of a geek culture wonderland. Oh well.

Veggies – I hate the Time Lost Proto Drake, he eludes me thus far…but I’ve been working on my Oracle rep, maybe I’ll get a Green one instead.

So I’ll just mix all this stuff up and let it simmer…I’m hungry now for some reason.

2 Responses to “Beef Stew Post”

  1. I make a killer beef stew. If you ever come visit Cbus I’ll make it for you

  2. mmm, beef stew. I needz more.

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