Mages Rule! Warlocks Drool!

Greetings My Fellow Students of the Arcane,

I am here to tell you why you are the creme de la creme of spell casters. Though some claim to be superior, let us delve into the mysteries that is the Mage, and let those usurpers know who actually rule the magical realm.

10  Reason Mages Are More Awesome Than Warlocks.

10. Ice Block- Seeing tons of people beating on you, and not doing anything is pretty damn cool

9. Portals – Really the staple of Mage Awesomeness. Instant Travel. I think I left my hearthstone in my bank, and I get to make money. 25 gold per port…yes please.

8. Food – Free….Anytime…Anywhere….Awesome.

7. Water Elementals – They don’t talk back, they just kill, and freeze shit.

6. Silence – Don’t need a pet to do that.

5. Spellsteal – Ever wear a pallies wings, I have…and it’s pretty awesome.

4. Mage Armor – Your DOTS are Bantha Poodoo.

3. Keybinds – We don’t need as many…losers.

2. We’re hotter – Our Mage Chicks Show More Skin….and Skin is for the Win.

1.  Dalaran – We have our own city….Now What?

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