Arenanet perverted what Beta was all about.

Beta to me in the past was all about testing a game, and seeing if there was bugs in it. It was usually free, and only a few select got in.

That isn’t the case for Arena net –

Ways Arenanet have screwed up Beta

1. Money Trap  – If you bought their game outright, thus locking you into the game, so if it sucked, you’re stuck with a bunch of crap.

2. Half the game isn’t there – 2 races not being beta tested…that’s pretty big. Is this game being rushed all of a sudden?

3, Mistakes Made – Bad Mojo when you send out beta invites, and then take those invites back. The axe hangs heavy over Arenanet.

4. Concepts – The WvWvWvWvW…whatever crap in theory sounds cool, but the incentive doesn’t sound like its there.  Everyone is a happy one team..until we go to a special zone. I want to hate something.

GW2 is shiny and new, but will I be playing it in a month I don’t know, only so long a hot goth girl necromancer butt can keep me entertained.

3 Responses to “Arenanet perverted what Beta was all about.”

  1. The Secret World beckons . . . 😛

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