Flashback Fridays- DAOC

I decided to start a new segment called Flashback Fridays, where I share some of my favorite memories of games of the past with you.  Lets’ start with one of my favorite MMO’s of all time. Dark Ages of Camelot.

Top Dark Ages of Camelot Memories.

1. Seeing a Salisbury Giant for the First Time. – This was a big mob, and being my first MMO, I was quite awestruck.

2. Tree Groups – In Albion, I forgot the mobs actual name but when you were around 48-49 this was the quickest way to hit 50, These Trees were monsters, and you had to be on your game. Also they made the most horrendous sound that haunts me to this day.

3. First Keep Siege – It was one of the most exciting events in an MMO I ever had. All these enemies trying to ram down the keeps doors, and here I am trying to heal my but off, while hoping not to get ganked by stealthers.

4. Darkness Falls – The first time I took part in cleaning out Darkness falls with my Albion brothers, and sisters was so exciting. It was like this place is ours, you get out now!

5. Killing My First Dragon – Everyone take your cloaks off to reduce lag.

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3 Responses to “Flashback Fridays- DAOC”

  1. Awesome idea for a post. I remember all those things too. Salisbury Giants were fierce. I remember a Minstrel running around newbie land with a Greater Telamon knight. The trees were awesome xp. Likewise, the little pygmies were up there too in terms of good experience. I remember the guild getting taken over by someone who gave their account away to their roommate, lol. I remember a skinny Avalonian cleric named Riverian.

  2. Awesome idea for a post. I remember all those things too. The Salisbury giants and Greater Telamons left an impression on me because of their sheer size. The trees and pygmys were great xp. Also remember the guild losing control to someone’s roommate. lol

  3. I also recall the epic armor acquisition for all level 50’s and how the whole guild would come together and get it done. How it was like an honor march to get your epic level 50 armor – even though you replaced it with crafted very soon – it was still cool to have it. Clearing DF with three groups of KotRD or PA was some of the best fun. Logging in the next morning and killing green and blue hibs in one or two swipes with my polearm was also super fun. Riverian the avalonian cleric of smiting doom is what I recall 🙂

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