Guild Wars 2: Release the Hounds

I wasn’t that excited about it, but like Pavlov’s dog once I heard the date of release, and saw the video I did drool a tad. It’s coming out August 28, and I’m a little worried they have implemented the other two races yet. (Sylvari, and Asura). Anyone else nervouse about that?

Even though I wasn’t that excited,  and the fact I wasn’t impressed with Beta. I’ll still get it cause of no sub fees makes it more enticing. Hell I bought the Collectors Edition of Diablo 3, and I’m already sick of that. I think I’m going Elementalist, or Hot Human Necro Chick…I got a thing for goth girls.

Well here’s the video that kind of got my juices flowing.

Guild Wars 2 Release Video.

9 Responses to “Guild Wars 2: Release the Hounds”

  1. scarybooster Says:

    WvW noob! Nuff said

    • theerivs Says:

      It doesn’t give me a reason to hate someone, not really any different factions. No 3am relic raids…nuff said you scruffy nerfherder.

  2. We’ll be glad to have you around!

    …and ditto on the goth girls 😉

  3. Wonder if “Asura” translates to anything… it was the name of the third faction in the Korean MMO I used to play, Rappelz.

  4. A little late in replying but, I’m sure they’re just holding back asura/sylvari to entice people to buy the game. They’ve got internal testing that has been ongoing for some time, lots of leaks from there. Anyway, maybe we’ll see them in the final beta weekend.

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