Raise the Shields

Sooo I was stalking the Time Lost Proto Drake again. I was just hanging out there. All of sudden *POP* he shows up. I launch my shield at him. I got him…I got him….*SPLAT* Forgot to raise my shield. I fell thus died. By the time I returned. Someone else nabbed him, which is odd within secondes their were like 4 people there. Weird.  I cried myself to sleep.

Alot of talk about the Secret World, and it’s PvP. Couple reasons I won’t be playing Secret World. The Setting doesn’t appeal to me, I hear the graphics are glitchy, and combat sucks. In addition, Funcom made it, and after I was burned on Age of Conan, they have been pretty much black listed for me, unless they made something that really blew me away…and Secret World…is too full of meh.

Though some exciting things in RIFT too, it just isn’t enough to pull me back either. SWTOR, and Diablo 3  lost my interest as well. The only thing on the horizon that I’m looking forward to is GW2, but you know what how long will that go before I lose interest in that as well.

For now, I’m happy just healing pvp in WoW, I’m not awful at it, and it’s fun playing with some old guildies. Before I quit WoW though I’m going to get that mofo TLPD…if that’s the last thing I do.

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