I Love a Good 3-way

I was reading Syn, and he made a point which is probably one of his greatest lately…

Three faction PvP is the new MMO cure-all.

Can we stop this already? Yes, after DAOC everyone was asking for three faction PvP instead of the two-sided stuff that WoW and its clones were doing. And yes, it’s sad that it’s 2012 and we are just now getting titles coming out that may have it. And yes, in general 3-sided PvP is better than two, but already the concept has been screwed and cheapened.

You know why factions worked in DAOC? Because you had ugly dwarves vs hippy elves vs asshat humans, and most people could identify with one side and hate what the other two represented. DAOC had three factions, who happen to fight over stuff. Hate keeps people logging in and bashing doors or space structures. Fact not opinion™.

It’s not “three faction” PvP if you take your only ‘faction’, split it evenly into three groups, and have them fight off in a corner and then come back to hug it out. If there is no buy-in or hatred, it won’t work long-term, and long-term is kinda the goal here.

Faction pride –

DAOC had faction pride, yeah I guess on the flip side if you hate the other two factions, it’s the same thing. So Syn calls it Hate, I call it Pride in your faction. It angered me when those stinky Mids, or tree hugging hibs stole out relic. It inspired me to roam Emain for hours with hunting parties, or get up at 3am on a weekend morning to raid their keeps.

It was there for a while in WoW too, it meant something being Horde, or Alliance. I was Horde…that statement alone said something.  I mean slugging it out for 12+ hours in AV had to take some emotional investment.

The Right Stuff

I think it takes a speck more then Hate for PvP to work on another level, it takes a right recipe of things, Hate is a start, but as I said to it takes pride, and also a sense of belonging to something bigger then you, and lastely a camarederie needs to be there. Over the years with the ability to have toons on every faction on the same server, it led to the loss of identity. I am not just Horde, I am also Alliance. I got Alliance friends.

For PvP to Work, and keep people playing you need just a few things.

1. More Then 2 Factions – Well of course, that’s what we been wanting for years.

2. A Reason to Fight – Whether it’s fluff, or bonuses of something. Give us a reason

3. Enforced Loyalty – You get to pick one side on the server…and that’s it.

4. Unique Factions – Balanced, but unique. I liked Paladins for Alliance, and Shamans for Horde idea of back in the day of WoW.

I’m sure there’s a bit more to it. I think even though DAOC captured the feeling of awesome PvP, I think like WoW is with PvE, I think it’s right time and place. To recapture it would be a Herculean feat indeed.

6 Responses to “I Love a Good 3-way”

  1. Sadly, it seems games are moving away from the unique aspect.

  2. I’m old and therefore have the right to say it this way.. 😉

    in those past days people fought for the thrill of a fight and you just didn’t want the enemy..yes..enemies not just opposing sides.. you just didn’t want them to succeed.

    Imho today’s MMO scene is all about collecting stuff..increasing some irrevelant number (call it renown, influence, prestige, whatever…just small numbers popping up). If you have no goal to grind..many people don’t see a need to fight or do stuff in the game. It’s just collecting..grinding.. and therefore boring.

    I understand why WoW makes the distinction between horde and Alliance so ..smeared up.. I understand why GW2 has this sort of 3 faction based PvP, but I don’t like it.

    I just want my elves sliced up, smashed to a heap of red ..stuff..and then splattered all around the area. I don’t need necessarily points for it ..;)

    Now get me my cane and I don’t babble anymore about the..old days, what I want from a PvP game and so on.. 😉

  3. The Secret World has 3 factions. I played a bit on the open beta weekend this last weekend. It might have some of what you were looking for.

    • theerivs Says:

      At first Secret World intriqued me, but I’ve been hearing bad things about combat and such. I’ve been burned by Funcom before for them to get my money they’ll really have to impress me, and they ain’t doing it.

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