Time Waits For No Man

So this past week, I had a little side project.  I wanted to get a Time Lost Proto Drake for my Paladin. No easy task I know. I know some people get fancy with an NPC scan mod, me I go it old school a target Macro.

Most of the week I didn’t see it at all, I haven’t seen the other dragon the Time Lost Proto Drake or TLPD for short, shared a timer with for that matter. So Saturday night I was doing my usual patrol. A guildie asked if I was going to PvP, when I went to answer it suddenly appeared, and as I was hitting W to go nearer it was appearing in chat, so I had ‘w’s. As I came to grips of what was happening, someone got to it already.  My chance was lost.  Rest of the weekend I went back on patrol with no luck what so ever.


I also tried looking for the Deepholm Dragon with no luck as well.

I read somewhere the reason they call it the Time Lost Proto Drakes is all the time you lose hunting for it. I would have to agree.


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