You can be whoever you want to be.

I kind of want to clear something up, even though I  wave my red blooded American Hetero Male Flag like it’s going out of business, I in no way condone mistreatment of others.

When I was fresh out of High School, I went to work at a quick oil change place. This place was filled with more scum, and villiany then the Catina in Star Wars. Here I met “Teddy”. Teddy was a unique man, in respects I don’t know if he was a hippy per se, or just really high all the time. The first time I met Teddy, he looks me in the eye and goes, “You can be whoever you want to be, you want to take that last piece of pizza,  you take it”

The reason I bring that up. I recently came across a post about Proudmore Pride, and I was thrown back a notch. I didn’t think events like this still occured in WoW. Oh I remember the heyday of WoW there were huge events.  It kind of warmed my heart a bit to see it.

As I dug deeper into Ironyca’s blog I found this post. Tell you the truth I find the whole subject of gender, and gender roles facsinating. When I say I am a man. What does that mean? What does it mean to be a man? On the flip side of the coin what does life look like from the other side. In virtual world’s you get to change your perspective, and I delved into that myself. To me life is perspective, and when you change your perspective of things, you change your life.

Here’s the thing if you fill your life with hate or prejudice you will as even the bible says, “Reap what you sew”. So when I say I am a man, my Dad once told me, “As a man you must do the right thing, even when the right thing isn’t popular”. Found out later he stole that, but I don’t care I’m still giving the old man credit.

The right thing is whether you’re a women, a gay, a lesbian, and yes even a role-player. I may not agree with you, I might not like what you say, but I will keep an open mind, and not judge you, for even Jesus said, “He without sin, cast the first stone” when those people were judging the harlot, and folks I have a shit ton of sins. Here’s the payoff keep an open mind, and who knows one day you might have your perspective changed, and then your life will change.

As for my friend Teddy, he passed away hiking in Alaska when he fell and hit his head on a rock, and I’ll miss that man because he wise beyond his years, and he could play spoons like none other.

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