One Eyed Jacks, And Suicide Kings

One of my passions is gambling so much so that my nickname derives from it. I love poker, but I’m old school, I never got into online play until now. A couple things started me down the path to check it out once more. It started off with Red Dead Redemption. I love the poker metagame in this video game, so much so I just pretty much play it for the poker. I came across this over the internet about how to win at poker in Red Dead Redemption.

As I was poking around it’s a general tip site for Poker in general, I found it odd they would have a post on how to beat poker on Red Dead. But the site seems pretty cool.

The other reason is my best friend is really into, and he’s in the WSOP right now. Growing up with him, I think I got the skills too. So I think it’s time to seriously check it out, plus he gave me some good insider tips. Plus he told me he sat at the same table as Kara Scott which is pretty cool.  So we’ll see …if you see me on the street corner selling pencils, please buy one.

2 Responses to “One Eyed Jacks, And Suicide Kings”

  1. Oh, right – your nickname’s not “River” but “The River”. I really should have spotted that before.

    • theerivs Says:

      LOL …River is fine. It doesn’t come from the name of the last card in Texas Hold’em oddly enough. There’s a story that I shall never utter about me, and the River gambling boats here in Illinois, after the incident, I was dubbed The River, shortened to just River by friends.

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