My Apologies for Being A Man

I’ve seen alot of posts flying around about sexism in the blogosphere lately. Ok lets start getting something straight. I’m a heterosexual male. I find beauty in the female form thus the pictures of half naked women all over my blog, (ok once in awhile a transexual…but that’s neither here nor there)

Sexism as defined by Merriam- Webster is a prejudice or discrimination based on sex.

In game or out of game have I ever not allowed a woman not to join an activity, or looked down upon a woman. Male or female if you can do your job, you can game with me.  It’s funny in real life, my girlfriend wants to cook, and clean for me, but I tell her no cause I can do that stuff myself. (probably a bunch of guys green with jealousy over that now)

Here’s the deal with games though a majority of games are filled with men who lets just say suffer in the social area. These men have fantasies of being a conquering hero, they like to see a pretty princess, and to take her back to the castle, and do unspeakable things to her . Alot of these men are immature, and don’t know how to be social, or suave, even how to communicate to the opposite sex.  They feel threatened by women in their domain. Their home away from home. So when they are being attacked, they go on the defensive. So what does someone who can’t express how they feel about you do, they do it the school house boy way, and pull your hair…or in this case, call you a stupid bitch over chat.

The other defination is behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex.  What do women want? I see images of women posing half naked in front of their console on facebook. I see women like Paris Hilton, or Kardashians selling their image. I see it in magazines pictures of half naked women with articles like “How to give a better blowjob”, and stuff of that ilk.  We men are forcing nothing down your throat, no pun intended. You happily march to the tune of sex sells,  and line up for your boob jobs to please what society wants from you.

I say it’s not gaming societies fault, it’s society in general. I am a son, born of a mother. The first women I ever knew was my mother. She raised me to be a man. Yes some say I’m a caveman. Yes I am a little old fashioned in terms I think we all have our roles to play, and that women and men are different, we think differently, we act differently.

As most men, we are not the enemy. Most of use know when things go to far, that there is a difference of right and wrong, that we don’t look down on women, we support them, and love women for who, and what they are, even when the aggravate the shit out of us, and drive us to insanity.

By the way, no one complains that there are no flabby male warriors, or ugly blood elf males…, plus did you see previews for that Magic Mike movie..I guess when the shoe is on the other foot…it’s ok.

Bottom line is I’m a man, I get up every morning and thank God for my penis, and for that I am sorry.

6 Responses to “My Apologies for Being A Man”

  1. Now that one is DEFINITELY a tranny. What kind of dude willingly adopts tons of children? Not to mention all the blatant plastic surgery, I bet he’s a Ken doll down underneath.

  2. You know, it actually annoys the hell out of me that I can’t play a skinny sunken-chested geek in any of the games I play. The closest we’ve come is the wizard in D3, kudos to Blizz for that (at least he’s not in heels, amirite?)

    I can totally identify with women that feel underrepresented in the MMO character world.

    Sure, we’re playing exemplars of humanity/dwarmanity/whatevs. But that’s my beef. Magely types in fantasy novels etc generally are of the type that weights in at 90 pounds, wears glasses, and goes into a panic when a girl compliments them. WARR ARE MAI GEEK MODELZ!?

    (They actually did have geeky models for the blood elfs in WoW BC beta, but I guess Metzen didn’t feel butch enough playing them.)

  3. @Grimnir – a Ken doll UNDERNEATH? I’m pretty sure he’s what happens when Ken gets bitten by a radioactive spider then bombarded with gamma radiation.

    Gawd blessim though, he’s a hella guy.

  4. I’m sorry for being a woman too, and if game devs made more games aimed at me I wouldn’t waste all this time whining about the tarty chicks aimed at a different group of gamers 😛

  5. I thank every day for your penis too Rivs.

    • theerivs Says:

      HAHA As soon as I get River’s Penis Fan Club T-shirts made, I’ll be sure to get one out to you.

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