A Righteous Man Beset By Evil Men

So I am a PvPing Holy Pally. Not many resources for us around so I decided to post some of the things I do to help the battle.

Gear – When you PvP Reslience is a huge factor, but if you pvp gear up who should have no problems getting to 3k+. Currently I’m nearing 4k.

Stats wise > Int/Spirit/Critical are all important, so gem and reforge accordingly. Now I do mix a couple Stam gems in there to up my health a bit, sometimes I take a beating, and that little extra health goes a long way.

You want to gear up fast, you hit AV weekend like it’s your fricking job.

My Talent Spec

Spells Rotations – Holy Light/Holy Shock – Holy Light is the bread and butter, but sometimes we got to move so Holy Shock it is. Word of Glory, when we got 3 points.  Other then that other spells are situational. And if you got some one hitting you, feel free to stun them with your hammer, and run near some dps.

Tactics –  What I do is

A. Use natural terrain to hide. Like a bush.

B. Stand back from fighting if I can.  (Except in flag type BGs, and no one fricking fights on the flag. I run up and consecrate the flag when I have to, to avoid enemies taking it.)

C. When the enemy targets in on me. Run, or if sheild is up, pop shield, heal as much as you can…then run.

D. Towers in AV – I love using group heal when your not in the killing zone inside towers like Tower point.

That’s about it. I’m no expert by any means, and if your a Holy PvP Pally feel free to leave your thoughts here. Cause this is a work in progress…of course when MoP comes out it’s all up for grabs again.

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