What else would I be doing?

I sometimes wonder what else would I be doing, if I wasn’t gaming. Let’s face it gaming takes up a bit of time, and in my youth a whole shit ton of time. So what would I be doing if I wasn’t into gaming.

5 things I would be doing if I wasn’t into gaming.

5. Cooking – I actually like to cook, and I can make a few dishes, now I’m no Bobby Flay. I think I would be one of those guys that would be all into the smoker, and making my own marinades.

4. Selling Drugs – As a youth believe it or not I was quite the rapscallion, and if I didn’t have gaming to keep me out of trouble…I’d probably be into some deep poop now. I’d be in jail, or worse.

3. Writing my Novel – I always think if I had more time, I would write my great masterpiece, but I think one has to make time to follow your dreams. I must not want it bad enough …..yet.

2. Knitting – Yeah who am I kidding no fricking way.

1. Porn Film Director – Here’s the weird part, I don’t want to be a film star. I would love to write, and direct movies. Unfortunately with no training, and no connections I would wind up making 3rd rate transexual porn films.

So those are some of the fates that would await me if I wasn’t into gaming…good thing I am, and lucky for you I am into gaming then I wouldn’t be here living the High Latency Life with you.


One Response to “What else would I be doing?”

  1. I hear you on the novel thing I do this National Novel Writing Month every year and so far I have only managed about 40,000 words and an unfinished story. I just need distractions when writing and I can’t just sit in silence and write it drives me mad, I hate silence.

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