All the ways WoW has changed me

Syl, and Klep posted an interested post “All the ways WoW has changed Me” or them in this case. I sat there and thought about it. Has WoW changed me. Well let’s go back a step.

I came from Dark Ages of Camelot, so my MMO playstyle was somewhat different. So did WoW change me. yes it did.

1. Role – I dabbled in Healer in WoW, but I was sick of healing. So I took on the Tank Role as Warrior at first, then Paladin now. Where I was content in others taking the forefront. I took the forfront leading more 5 mans then anything. Then after years in WoW that changed as well as I took on the DPS role of a mage, arrogant and little selfish just worried about my numbers. Then it changed me again, and here I am a PvP Holy Paladin.  So over the years WoW keeps changing me, and what roles I enjoy filling.

2. Quests – I hated quests, I loathe them. In DAOC I could grind until my hearts content, in WoW it’s more beneficial to do quests. So by attrition I had to them. Now some of them I really enjoy, and some I simply love. (I think whacking lazy peons should be a daily quest)  Though Blizzard to their credit has some interesting quests, though some are the kill ten rats variety.  It got me to do quests in other games as well.

3. Blogging – This game has giving me tons of material to work with, attracting some readers that enjoy WoW alot. Some of those readers actually became my friends, and one of those friends became a co-writer here. Her name was Bee, and she helped me through a pretty bad time of my life when I was in the hospital, and Scary too. If I never played WoW would I have met these people I don’t know. Also I met tons of blogger who not only helped me increase my knowledge of the game, but increased my game of writing as well.

4. The People of Azeroth – Just going out in the fields and meeting some of the coolest people I ever met,  and even some asshats each one has touched my life in some way or form.

5. How I look at video games in general – Though wasn’t my first ride at the rodeo, it has been my longest relationship with one. Like a girlfriend how can you be in a relationship so long, and it not change you. Though I am not looking for the next WoW sometimes I am looking for a game, that is polished, and that keeps me entertained. Am I ruined for all others, no I don’t think so, but after you been out with a good wholesome girl, I’m not going to go out with a 2 dollar crack whore, and that’s what some of these MMO’s seem like today. Hastily made, or not enough thought put into things.

6. A thousand other minor things – from my vocabulary, to the things i read. Yes I read the Warcraft books. There are probably alot of minor things WoW has changed about me, but WoW has changed with me. The WoW I started in 2004, is not the same WoW I play today…so as much as it has changed me, it too has changed, and maybe that’s why I’m still playing.


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