I Was Slimed

So I’m back at WoW, and one of my favorite things to do is solo stuff on my Prot Paladin, plus rep and gold are pretty decent. I would like to hit exalted  with the undercity, I want an undead mount.

I did a quick Shattered Halls run, and I decided let’s really put things to a test.

Yesterday I tried my hand at Tempest Keep Raid. The packs took me a bit of time to get down due to fricking healers, other then that it wasn’t to difficult. It was  time consuming, and I wasn’t getting any rep, but one gold per mob was pretty decent. First boss I tried was Void Walker. Now I haven’t stepped foot into TK in years, so alot of mechanics I forgot. The mechanic I forgot was the orb, that silences. No casting, means no fricking healing. So even though I got him to a quarter health….he finally wore me down. Well I tried.

Next stop later that night to help a guildie was AQ 20. Everything was going great there, I was burning my way through. Again no rep, and not really a hell of a lot of gold. Then out of no where this Slime comes out, called a Flesh Hunter….Swallows me, and I’m stuck in him until I fricking die.  

If anyone else digs soloing old content for fun, and rewards I would love to hear of good places to go.

One Response to “I Was Slimed”

  1. I have done all these on my DK.

    Molten Core is fun and easy. Not sure if you want to be purged by fire. I am getting kind of sick of that tool as I grind my final Waterlords Rep.

    Parts of AQ40- up to the twins are soloable. AQ40 is so cool with its weird bug rooms and stuff. Skip the slime boss if you do not have frost damage.

    Parts of Naxramas. You can go right up stairs to the Dragon kill him and KT. They are relatively easy. Although I needed some good gear to take KT down. I could not solo Gluth because of the heals. It was basically a complete tie. I did take out the whole plague quarter (I think) Military I have troubles with, Patchwork and Grob in the Construct, have not tried the Arachnid yet but should be easy enough and Sap and KT are easy and

    I hear BT is soloable now by DK’s at least. IF you can kill his healing while he is in the bubble someway.. else you need to go with at least one other person for the first boss.. then can solo the rest.

    If you want to do something fun solo ICC. I have major problems with it but Marrowgar is pretty easy and gives an instant achievement if you go solo.

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