The 5 Most Influential Games of My Life

I’ve played alot of games in my life…I mean ALOT, but there are only a few games that really affected my life, and may have altered the course of it somewhat in terms of gaming. This is not a list of my favorite games, but chronologically ordered by the games that influenced my life.

The Five Most Influential Games of My Life.

1. Adventure – (2600) – Really started my love for video games, sure I was only a square putzing around crappy maps, but to me I was really battling dragons. This game really started me down the path of my love of video games.

2. Street Fighter 2 (Arcade) – I use to battle others in the arcade this game stirred my competitive nature. Though I would move on to other fighting games this one would always hold a special place in my heart.

3. Bard’s Tale (Commodore 64) – This game single handedly started my love for computer RPG’s, The AD&D game Pool of Radiance brought it to another level, but it all started with the Bard’s Tale.

4. Starcraft (PC) – This game was my introduction to online/LAN gaming. When I use to play in college, and heard my foe screaming from another cube, it was pure epic.

5. Dark Ages of Camelot (PC)- My first foray into the MMO world where I would meet some of the best people I ever played games with, and I still play online games with these people 10+ years later.

Honorable Mention goes to NHL (Genesis) for making me a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, my brother always picked the Blackhawks, I was always them. So I decided just to become a Pens fan. 

So these are the games that affected my life, the way I game, and fostered my love for video games, forever shaping my life.

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