On Retro MMO Gaming by Riknas

Sometimes I open up my blog for guest posts, and Riknas kindly asked me if he could do one. I wholeheartedly agreed, show him some High Latency Love.
We interrupt this blog to bring you a guest post. Brought to you by Riknas, from Riknas Rants, the first General Online Gaming blog EVER…written by him.

Hello folks. Anyone who keeps track of the MMO blogging community is probably well acquainted with the line-ups of new MMOGs being released each year, which are hailed as the best and greatest, and then promptly dissected and stomped on so that we can repeat the pattern with the next game. Of course, with every release usually at least one blogger will stay behind to track that MMO’s progress and subsequently marry themselves to it. Like in a real marriage, I find it admirable they can find that one game that they can stick to and call their life partner. Even better, the results of MMO marriage aren’t nearly as catastrophic in the event the blogger realizes he can’t stay faithful to Age of Conan, Everquest 2, Hello Kitty Online or whatever the heck the game may be.

But even more rare is the person who stops to keep track of the old games. The ones that the now jaded veterans used to play, and have never been able to recreate the fun they used to have back then, continuing to talk about the Good Old Days like an elderly man lamenting about the number of kids on his lawn, despite the fact he lives in a condo and doesn’t actually own the lawn himself anyway. To be fair, you might not actually know that elderly man, but it would be frustrating, just imagine it.

But the thing about these Good Old Days is that for some people, they never actually left. Everquest, Asheron’s Call, and even Ultima Online is still around. And nothing is stopping them, or you from going back to them. If you’re worried about games lacking end-game, or having trouble finding a serious guild, I can assure you that many of these “Golden Age” MMORPGs have experienced players to mentor you, plenty of content for you to go through, and if you can even run a modern MMO without your computer exploding in more than 150* pieces, you can definitely play these games on the highest graphic and sound settings. How about that, eh?

If you’re not content with the latest games, you might want to check out the MMOs of the past, because they are still here today.

*To be fair, I can’t make any guarantees once it goes past 149 pieces, but I find it preferable to round up.

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