My Love/Hate for Alterac Valley

First off I did so many Alterac Valleys (or AV for short)  this past weekend, I’ve had enough for a bit. It was AV weekend, and last night I hit it for 6 hours straight. Let me share with you my pain.

Reasons I love AV.

1. When things go right.-  It’s alot of honor, especially during the weekend it’s a Call to Arms in a relative short period of time. It’s just an awesome feeling when an AV goes good.

2. Alot more people in it.- I like the huge battle aspect of it. It’s an awesome sight seeing a bunch of my fellow hordling on the move in the beginning.  

3.   The Chat Channel – Sometimes it just cracks me up when someone says something stupid, like screams…”Icelord!’

4. The mini battles – Sometimes the little fights at the bunkers are pretty epic.

5. Healing – A little PvE mixed into the PvP makes a healing a much needed part of this BG, and it’s nice to be needed.

What I hate about AV

1. When things go wrong – The infighting is bad, things break down fast, and it makes the whole BG seem longer, sometimes it is longer when the Alliance sucks too.

2. Open Field Battles – Though fun once in awhile, they are counter productive in the most part, and I die alot which makes me mad.

3. Asshats– The spammers who in all caps yell tactics, and such. I hate the ones that yell the wrong tactics, like lets help Galv. I just want to scream over chat…”Shut The F$%k UP!”

4. The Geography – It seems with the tactics involved into todays AV it is Alliance biased. In terms of Towers, and Spacing.


I can’t complain all in all I got 7 pieces of epic gear in one weekends time, and though when we use to have 3 hour queues for AV, and they lasted 12+hours sometimes. Today’s AV with all it’s problems still is a fricking  joy.

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