The Healing Bitch

I’m not one of those people who say they hate World of Warcraft so much they will never be back. Do I like the path Blizzard took, No not really. Do I hate the game? No, there are some aspects I still really enjoy. SWTOR is kind of losing it’s luster to me, and Diablo is fun, but I can’t play for huge amount of time. So when my guildies of old (I’ve been playing with these peeps for over 10 years) planned to head back to WoW, I was down…like a clown. Back in the old days I use to play a healer first in Dark Ages of Camelot, then a brief tour of duty as a priest in World of Warcraft. Until I got burnt the hell out, that was like 7-8 years ago, I havent really seriously healed since then, sure I dabbled hear or there, but nothing serious until now.My guildies of old needed a healer, so I decided to go back to my role of healing bitch.

I’m glad we went Horde, I love the Horde, I played Horde for most of my WoW career. There is a certain mentality that is there that just isn’t there with the alliance. It’s not there as much as it use to be, back in the Vanilla days it really meant something that you played Horde, there was a brotherhood there of sorts. That attitude still lingers about sometimes, and it’s refreshing…..but with the Horde when things go wrong, they go horribly wrong. We start to turn on each other, and bicker it’s really horrible, but sometimes it’s like a train wreck I can’t turn away. ,

So my pally is a tanking Pally, and to make him into a healing pally, i bought some gear what I could, but i might as well be wearing wet towels. Lo and behold it’s Alterac Valley weekend, which meant I wouldn’t be poorly geared that much longer. I got 4/5 of my pvp healing set. Tonight I’m hoping to really rock it, and get my helm, weapon, and shield. even try for some feet. That way all i have to worry about is some trinkets, and a relic.

As for healing I’m no slouch, some of the old healer is left in me, just have to be more aware situational, and one thing I forgot. Don’t lead the charge, you suck at doing damage. I was laughing as I was charging for Van, all of a sudden I found myself in the Alliance base with nobody around….DOH!  Bottomline I’m having a bit of fun again in World of Warcraft, and looking forward to working on a warlock, and making some gold again, which I already started that ball rolling.  Oh and any Healing Pallies want to toss me a few tips feel free to leave them here.

4 Responses to “The Healing Bitch”

  1. Pitrelli Says:

    Urgh good luck to you, I can’t see me ever returning to WoW myself. It was great while it lasted and certainly kept me entertained longer than any game probably should but ultimately I think I outgrew it. It no longer scratches the itch it once did and I think its been watered down too much.

    I think the only game which has a chance of replicating that feeling is guild wars 2. Just the exploration alone will keep me sustained for ages 🙂

    Anyway enjoy your foray back into WoW I’ll look forward to reading your thoughts.

    • theerivs Says:

      Well there are 3 reasons I’m back.

      !> My friends are playing again.
      2> Need something to fill the gap until GW2
      3> Gives me a chance to do something I never done in WoW, like heal.

  2. Amijade The Warlock Says:


    Ya know you’re thinking about it wrong when it comes to healing. Your not the beyotch when healing…you are the power. You are the reason others can keep fighting and farming honor vs. sitting in a GY waiting for a rez.

    Any pvp’er should be ecstatic your on the field with them. A good BG healer is few and far between.

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