Weekly Lagout

High Latency Living –

So there’s a movement amongst my old guildies to head back to WoW. Which I don’t mind I had a hankering to for a bit anyway, but’s it’s nice to see some excitement amongst the crew, well before GW2.  Yes I’m playing a Warlock. I’ll write about my adventures there in a bit. Otherwise I’m rocking out the Pally, and I’m actually healing. You’ll hear more next week about my adventures, but I’m going to be rocking the PvP I think as a healer.

I really think Human Elementalist is the way I’m going to go in GW2, when I was in Beta I just had a fun time with that class.

I’m still mucking about with Diablo, and SWTOR so don’t count me out yet with those games.

High Latency Love –

First off Congratulations to Gank on the new baby. I wish them best of luck, I left a comment on his blog but his comment system keeps eating my comments when I choose Name/URL..Oh well.  I think Blogspot hates me, cause I’m awesome on WordPress.

I would also like to say Kudos to Syp for throwing another awesome event together the Newbie Blog Initiave when really well, we have a ton of new blogs. Show some love for these new blogs, and vote.

High Latency Laugh-

Uncle Cain and his crazy Diablo Stories.

With that…


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  1. Thanks very much! Sorry my blog ate your comments 😉

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