NBI Sucks

NBI Sucks, and I for one happy it is over.  People all over the blogosphere are claiming it a success, as for me I’m glad it’s over.

Why NBI Failed

1. All These New Awesome Blogs – All these great new writers, and their new fresh blogs.

2. Great Advice –  All these sponsors piped in with their great advice, I haven’t gotten to half of them yet.

3. My Blogroll is Huge – I have to go through and add all these new blogs to my blog roll. I use to be made fun of back in the day on how huge my blogroll is, well this isn’t going to help.

4. Hemorrhoids -All these leads to one thing..see  I do most of my reading on the toilet, all this extra reading will result in me buying Preparation H. I’m sending the bill to Syp.

Of course I mean this all in good fun, I really am mildly shocked how well things turned out, but now comes the real task I hope you new bloggers stick around, and write some great stuff. Cause if i add you to my blogroll, and next month I have to take you off…I will be PISSED.

Check out all the new blogs, and sponsor advice links on Syp’s post…cause I’m real lazy to link all that stuff.

One Response to “NBI Sucks”

  1. Theerivs,

    Having to always deal with the mage class’ seething hatred towards warlocks, I can sympathize with your concern on Hemorrhoids. However, if you keep mild amounts of fiber in your diet you can sit on your toilet and write all day long without a care or worry. Fiber will give you the satisfaction and relief like get using the /ignore command.

    Thanks for your support in the NBI – It’s been fun!

    My best…

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