Cash Rules Everything Around Me

So this weekend I made my first foray into the Diablo 3 AH, I don’t know how much success I was. I didn’t really do any research I just started putting stuff up at crazy prices to see if I could get a sucker to buy it.

Sucker bought the stuff…now I’m wondering if I could of got more if I would of done the foot work.   But I’m wondering how do I turn my gold profits..into real cash?

Something to figure out.

In other game related news I’ve been reading the plight of 38 studios, and it’s really messed up, and I feel bad for the Rank and File employees, I read they didn’t get paid on May 1st the day they were supposed to be paid. I don’t know know about you, I don’t get paid May 1st, I’m taking some computers, and heading to unemployment May 2nd. Just saying.

Since I love money…alot I started my own Kickstarter feel free to donate. It’s called the “I want to be a millionaire project”  Feel free to make my dreams come true.

6 Responses to “Cash Rules Everything Around Me”

  1. Holy fuck I laughed so much. If that project works, I’m next. It also makes me wonder about what exactly you would do for that 10,000 donation?

  2. Love the Kickstarter. They going to let you go live with it? I bet you get a few dollars if they do.

    Diablo 3 auction house… lucky you. Nobody is buying the stuff I put up there, and I’m putting it up real cheap.

  3. I’ll give you 75% commission if you review and sell my gold guide!

    Hehe 😉

    • theerivs Says:

      I may be cheap and easy to buy off, but I’m lawful evil so I have a set of ethics. Send me a copy to review, you know me I’ll give you a fair shake. If it sucks I’ll tell you, if it’s good stuff I’ll stand behind it.

  4. They all got laid off the next day or something. It was really messy. No idea what happened there. Governors blamin Kurt, Kurts blaming Governor, it’s somewhat humorous as it is not my state even if it is a Red Sox hero involved. (Obviously people losing jobs is not humorous).

    Also I heard the company said they sold houses for people as relocation benefit and never did it.. so people get calls from banks recently asking “Why have you not paid your mortgage in the past 5 months?”

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