Rift 3 faction PvP, and On the Fence with Diablo

I have a Diablo 3 collectors edition waiting for me at the mere cost of 100.00, well minus 10 for what I slapped down for it. Even though I might trade in games for some money off, and have a 5 buck coupon. I’m still on the fence, I might even down grade to regular version.  I didn’t love the old diablos, I mean I liked them and all…but I wasn’t all goo goo ga ga over it…maybe I’ll just get the regular edition.


Meanwhile I’m trying to get my WoW account unbanned for shits and giggles. Might head back there mess around with some old guildies.

But I might head back to RIFT, this looks interesting.  Being an old school DAOC nutbag that I am, and who thrived on 3 faction PvP back in the day. I really like the idea of this…but is it too late for RIFT. I don’t know, and will it have the awesomeness DAOC had.

Alot of stuff coming down the pike, and people say the golden age of the MMO is over, I say we haven’t reached it yet.


6 Responses to “Rift 3 faction PvP, and On the Fence with Diablo”

  1. As a Rift player, I can say the game is doing fine. Mind you that I’m a PvP player and don’t mind running the same warfronts over and over as long as I have a carrot to chase. The new PvP area is coming up on the PTS (if not there already) and I’m anxious to read the forums to see others opinions. I’d join myself and test it out, but I’m not much into that kind of thing. I’ll be content just reading about it on the forums for now.

    Nice blog, I enjoy reading it.

  2. Just to update: I went to Rift forums and checked out the PTS section. Apparently there’s a 9 page thread already with the devs asking for feedback based on the new pvp concept. It’s under testing as I write this. Should be an interesting read and may help give you a better idea where PvP is headed in the game of Rift.
    (sorry, fanboi here, what can I say).

  3. Hi, found your blog via some random diablo searching, but “DAOC nutbag” caught my eye. 🙂 I have to comment since I too really loved the three realm system of RvR and have sworn my heart belongs to only DAOC since. I played rift for a little while, but it was simply a different version of wow for me.

    I hear though, that Guild Wars 2 is implementing a system where 3 servers compete against eachother for the open-style RvR type system similar to DAOC’s. I am curious to hear how it ends up playing out, but there are a few aspects that I have heard that sounded promising to me.

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