The Eve of Diablo 3

I’m supposed to be excited, my collectors edition is coming. I should be excited. I should be wanting to wait in line at a store for it. For some reason I’m not excited. I don’t know why really, nothing I could my finger on.

I mean I liked the Diablo series, I still play the techno song “The Sin Wars” at times. I had hours, and hours of fun with the game…..but Diablo 3 isn’t really hitting the nerdgasm spots.

3 reasons why Diablo 3 isn’t doing it for me.

3. I don’t want to work at my game – All this talk of making money off it, is making a mockery of the game. I want to play a game, not really do it for a business. Though I am intrigued, and if I could make an extra dollar or so, my inner whore is curious. I will most likely try to in the end, thus putting myself to work.  

2. The classes – I talked about this before, the classes aren’t really getting me excited. Though watching a hot demon hunter in chick running around in high heels might be fascinating.

3. More of the Same – Watching the gameplay videos nothing shook me as groundbreaking. We’ll have to play the real thing to see.

Overall I’ll get the game, when Barnum Bailey said there was a sucker born every minute…I was that sucker.


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