Weekly Lagout

High Latency Living –

I’m pissed at Arenanet, but lets face it…it’s an ok game.  Hey Funcom said if I preorder I’ll get into beta no problem…maybe I’ll play some Secret World instead.

Oh wait still working on my toons in SWTOR. Getting the vibe of the Sorcerer, and liking it too.

High Latency Love –

I love Bootae’s post about GW2, he get’s some real big love.

Scary’s gives some advice to the younglings..

tl-dr gets some love cause I love their post on RP, if you’re a long time reader you know I love RP.

Go check out some Neurotic Girl if you get a chance.

Gotta give some love to Worlds End Tavern for compiling a nice list of NBI Newbies, and Sponsors….Check them all out. Much Love To You For That.

High Latency Laughs.

You know what’s funny, I actually bought an ex-girlfriend a star.

With that…


3 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. thanks for the pingback! I love RP too. –Diane, tl-dr.ca

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