Different Playstyle

So playing my Sorceror in SWTOR, really kind of got me for a loop. I’m used to charging in and and just taking the hits, and clobbering my enemies with brute force with my juggernaut. It’s never pretty.

With my Sorc though it’s a little different. I just sit back, let the Dashade do all the work, and just blast/ or heal as needed. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the change of pace, I don’t know if I could handle the boredom. Maybe it’s because I’m just lower leveled, I only have the lightening spell, and the shock…That’s getting old pretty quick.

I’m going to give my Sorc until level 20, if I don’t find it enjoyable by then…I’ll move on. It’s wierd I thought I would like it, but it’s more like playing an pre-BC priest in WoW right now, and I was hoping for a mage.

I’m still having fun on the Juggernaut, though it’s only level 32…but no rush just enjoying the story, and flirting with Jaessa.

6 Responses to “Different Playstyle”

  1. scarybooster Says:

    I hated playing inquisitor in beta. Even specked as an Assasin it sucked. Just not my play style I guess

  2. It gets a little more fun when you get your next companion

  3. A Sith Soc is actually quite boring to be honest for the first 20 levels. The only true AOE spell that you will have comes at level 20, and it’s a Talent. There’s also a distinct lack of spells at first, but it gets better once you hit the 20s. I would actually recommend a Sith assassin over the Sorcerer cause the rotation is at least a bit more interesting on that toon at the earlier levels.

  4. I like the extra g in your Jugggernaut tag. hehe. Healing on my operative was ok, but I really love my juggs most of all.

  5. You won’t be a mage/warlock until level 50.

  6. I’ve heard a lot of people initially excited about sorc (flashy!) lightning over sage (rocks?) Eventually decide that sage was better as more varied. I wish I’d taken my assassin the other direction, though. Sorc would’ve been a better fit for me.

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