Weekly Lagout

High Latency Living –

Well alot going on today…

First off Adam “MCA” Yauch of the Beastie Boys died today, I usually don’t post this stuff, but the Beastie Boys were a huge part of the fabric of my life. He was only 47.  Last week also lost a dear friend to liver failure, he was only 32. He was a great guy, he will be missed.

Today is May the 4th, official Star Wars Day. In honor of that I started a Sith Inquisitor, a new friend invited me to their server of Ebon Hawk, I took them up on it. One of the things I enjoy doing is starting fresh on a new server. I got to say though I’m really liking the class, but don’t know if I should go Sorcerer, or Assassin. I want to be good dps’er at PvP, but I hear about Sorc’s doing Heroics by themeselves which is way cool. I’ll have to do some research.

Wondering when the next GW2 Beta  will be…hopefully soon.

High Latency Love

Gonna give some love to Psynister for some SWTOR Sorceror Guides

NBI – This month I’m going to be picking 3 sites from the NBI Forums, and giving them some love every week.

Ocho from Casual Aggro looks like he’s started with a full tank of steam, and is looking good.  

Zellviren is doing a Protection Warrior blog, since I played one in the days of old, I wish Zell the best of luck.

MMO Compendium looks hot, check it out.

Youngblood has a Onion type blog up called The Poisoned Mushroom.

I’m putting these blogs up in my blogroll feel free to check them out

High Latency Laugh:

May the 4th be with you…here’s a little Jedi Cat Fight.

With that…


4 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. My only max level toon is a sorc and I love it. I have a lowbie assassin and she isn’t as much fun.

    Purple lightning FTW!

  2. Ooooh, thanks for the praise. I’ve had a post a while back about why I wanted to change the layout. However, good thing #nbimmo keeps me busy, since the company I get my themes from has a new one, which they advertise as lightweight.

  3. Your ping ain’t the only thing that Sucks. lol

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