The Newbie Blogger Initiative

It’s May 1st, and thus begins the NEWBIE BLOGGER INITIATIVE…..

We did this once ago, Syp was in charge of it then, and I helped as well, because if there was no Syp, there would be no game blogger Rivs…

Let’s start at the beginning….I was actually a blogger before I became a game blogger. I would write personal stuff, and toss in a game post here and there. Then I started reading game bloggers like Syp, Tobold, and Spicy Tuna.  I thought I could do that. I played games for a long, long time. I thought man there are ALOT of WoW blogs, and a new exciting game was on the horizon. Warhammer Online, despite Tobold’s advice I made a blog about that game, or more specifically my class of chose…Way of the Chosen.

Those were great days indeed, and then like now, Syp had an idea to get more people to blog, and join us in the blogosphere. I stood behind him then, and I stand behind him now.

If your interested in starting a blog, I think you should head over to the Newbie Blogger Initiative Forums, and register and get started.  If you have any questions personally feel free to ask me either in my comments of these posts, or email cc0926 (at) gmail (dot) com.  My door is always open.

Check out Syps post for more info, and look-see who else is in this NBI as sponsors. Some great writers, alas I am not a great writer. Why do I blog then if I suck at writing?  I feel that my voice offers something the others do not. I think I am the red light district of the blogosphere. Sure the quality isn’t all that, but you just might get entertained for a few minutes. I’ve been doing this for nearly 4 years now, and I think if I can do it…a slug drunk on a bottle of Jack can do it.

And who knows one day you might be on my blogroll, on the Honor Roll.

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