Weekly Lagout

High Latency Living-

It’s going to suck to be my girlfriend this summer, with so many awesome games heading our way. Diablo 3, GW2, Darksiders2, and so many more. Maybe she should find a hobby…like gaming.

I keep hearing this big deal about High Heels on the Demon Hunter…who cares it’s a game people. Geez. Sometimes we gamers have the ability to pick out the most mundane and turn it into a big deel. Someone at Blizzard is probably saying to themselves in a Shatnering way, “Get a Life!”

High Latency Love –

I’m giving Spinks some love from Spinksville, last couple posts were awesome, but her answers on Scary’s post were deliciously evil, and I promote all things evil, plus I hear she looks better then a demon hunter in heels. Go give her some love.

High Latency Laugh –

Gender Issues..

With That…



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